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We at MVGC have been moved many times when we hear of a friend that has been financially stressed because of a death in the family.  It was time for us to stand up and help in this matter.  We have a ranch with lots of room for a cemetery.  After dealing with the state and county we are now a recorded cemetery.  Our goal is to supply a place in the environmentally sound area where people can bring their loved ones and put them to rest.  They will be placed in a biodegradable container and allowed to return back to the earth with no embalming.  In return the body will nourish and grow many plants and trees. The family can place a natural rock as a headstone.  There will be nothing man made in this area.  If the family wishes they may be part of the burial.  There is much healing in knowing that they did their part in helping.


It' the natural way God intended for our bodies, from dust to dust.  Traditional burials can be a big financial hardship on the families left behind.  Green burials can offer an alternate solution to a time that doesn't need the additional stress of thousands and thousands of dollars of expense.


When should I buy the plot?  Anytime after age 40.  Arrange your own funeral and take the burden away from your children.  Let them know your wishes.  Talk to them.  We never know the time or day.  If you pay now it will save your children a financial hardship.


We can assign you one or you can pick one.


Natural stone is available for a headstone.  Also, you can plant a tree or green shrub to have a living monument to your loved one.


  • Should I buy a burial insurance?  It will be much cheaper to buy the plot.
  • How to prepare the body and pre-arrangements for the funeral?  Contact us and we will send all the information you need.
  • What is the cost and what does it cover? $750.00 for the plot and opening and closing the grave.
  • How do we transport the body?  You will need to get a transfer permit from the local coroner.  Once the transfer permit is obtained your family may transport or you can have us do it for you.
  • What is the transfer cost?  $200.00 to move the body and $2.00 per-mile one way.
  • Do I have the local mortician pick up the body?   (NO)  The family does all the preparation for the service.
  • Where can we get a casket?  You can build one or buy one from us.  Make sure it is bio-degradable (no metal)  We offer shrouds and body bags if preferred.  No vaults are allowed.
  • Can my pets be buried with me? (yes)  There is a pet cemetery also.
  • How to find a plot: The cemetery is surveyed and marked to make it easy to find a grave site.
  • Is it legal?  (YES)  The cemetery is recorded in the Lemhi County Courthouse.
  • What about soil pollution?  The pollution comes from embalming.  There is no formaldehyde allowed.
  • Is the cemetery irrigated and mowed?  (NO) It is all natural.
  • Who will run the cemetery after you are gone?  It will be a perpetual cemetery.