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Frequently asked questions

Mountain View Green Cemetery

  • What is a green cemetery exactly?

A green cemetery, as defined by the Green Burial Council is "...a way of caring for the dead with minimal environmental impact that aids in the conservation of natural resources, reduction of carbon emissions, protection of worker health, and the restoration and/or preservation of habitat.". The Green Burial Council has many more resources to help answer any and all questions about green burial. 

  • What makes you different from a 'regular' cemetery?

​Here at Mountain View Green Cemetery, we do not allow burial vaults or grave liners, we don't allow any kind of metal or plastic caskets, in fact, we don't require caskets at all. We do not allow embalming, and we encourage only natural materials be used as a headstone or grave marker. Many other cemeteries in Idaho do require or allow many or all of the things previously listed. Another factor is our ' maintenance' of our grounds. We perform as little maintenance as possible, and our cemetery grounds are not irrigated.

  • Why choose green burial?

For many, green burial offers a lot of attractive pulls that a 'traditional' funeral service and burial may not. There is the chance to save money, our overhead is much lower than other cemeteries as we perform very little maintenance on our land, we also don't allow burial vaults and we don't allow metal caskets (something that can wrack up the bill quite quickly). Many are also attracted to the personal nature of services that are allowed. Family participation is encouraged and sometimes necessary, depending on the services requested. And of course, there is the environmental impact. Without harmful chemicals seeping into the soil, without the miles and miles of metal being buried, without the manufacturing emissions, and all of the other unseen ways that 'traditional' funerals add to the degradation of the environment- there is no question which option offers the kinder, gentler outcome.

  • How much does it cost?

$750 is our price for a plot and burial. This price includes the plot itself, as well as an opening and closing of the grave. If there are loved ones that wish to take over the digging and/or filling the grave, a discount can be offered for the labor that the loved ones have taken on.

We have a comprehensive price list available at your request. We also offer payment plans for those interested, please contact us for details. 

  • my loved one has just died- Now What?

​There is no one set of guidelines for what to do when someone passes away, there are many situational factors that will dictate the steps you take right after someone has died. The first thing that you can do is follow the advice of the official that is immediately present. That may be a nurse, the local coroner, hospice staff, etc. they will normally advise that a funeral provider must be selected. Next, give us a call letting us know that a death has occurred, and you have selected us as the cemetery. If there is no prearrangement with us (meaning a plot was not bought ahead of time), we will ask some background questions to decipher what kind of services and care that you wish for your loved one, or that they wished for themselves. From that point, you will decide how hands-on you'd like the experience to be. We are here as guides and helpers to navigate you through this process. 

  • What about death certificates?

In the state of Idaho, death certificates can be requested by the next of kin or legal representative of the deceased. They are obtained through your local Vital Statistics office. Vital Statistics covers the entire state, but there are individual offices in many counties across Idaho. From the time of death, it can take several weeks until the certified death certificates are in your hand. We are very familiar with the documents needed and the process of obtaining death certificates without the help of a funeral director. Contact us and we can guide you through the process. 

  • Is this legal?

Yes! Green burial is perfectly legal in Idaho and most other states.In Idaho specifically, funeral directors are not legally needed in any part of the deathspace. Death certificates and burial transit permits can be obtained by the next of kin or legal representative for the deceased through your local Vital Statistics office, and no mortician or funeral director's license is needed to transport the deceased. Please contact us with any specific questions or concerns. 

  • What about having a funeral?

​Graveside services are very much encouraged here at Mountain View Green Cemetery. If a full memorial or funeral service is desired before burial in our cemetery, we encourage the home funeral model. In this model, the loved ones are the primary caregivers to the body, and many times the services and body are held in the home of loved ones until the burial. It's very common for the loved ones to also transport the body to the cemetery and participate in the burial itself. If that is not something you or your loved ones desire, then employing the services of a funeral home may be your best option. If that is the case, we would work closely with the chosen funeral home to ensure that all requirements for burial in our cemetery are maintained.

  • I want to do a home funeral, but I don't know where to start

By far the best resource we know of for guidance on home funerals is the Home Funeral Alliance. They are a national organization that is committed to the education on home funerals.

  • What about prearrangements?

We strongly encourage prearranging. This not only takes off much of the pressure from your loved ones, but it will also ensure that we here at Mountain View Green Cemetery are aware of your wishes and we can best assist your loved ones in fulfilling those wishes while navigating the deathspace. Please contact us if you or a loved one is interested in prearranging with us. 

  • Do I need a headstone?

No. We don't require headstones, but they are available if they are wanted. We here at Mountain View Green Cemetery can provide a natural rock headstone, or one can be purchased from an outside source.We strongly encourage only natural materials for the headstones, but if you have any questions or a specific idea for a headstone, please contact us.  

  • What about transporting the body?

If you or your loved ones are not comfortable with or unable to transport a body to the cemetery for burial, we can help. We are able to pick up and transport. Our charge is $200 for the pickup itself, and $2 per mile to get to the cemetery. Alternately, a funeral home or body transport company could be used for these services. Contact us and we can help decide which option is best for you and/or your loved ones.

  • Do I need a casket?

No. We do not require a casket of any kind to be buried in our cemetery. If one is wanted, they must be wood or another type of biodegradable material. We do have a small number of handmade wooden caskets available for those interested. Most commonly, those that are buried in our cemetery are buried wrapped in blankets or shrouds.

  • Can my pet be buried with me?

Yes! If you or your loved one wishes that a pet be buried in the same plot, we will accommodate. Alternately, we have a separate section just for pets. Contact us with any questions. 


Please contact us, we are here as a resource to you